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Have you met Ryan Mcdermott? - Cafe Mambo Ibiza

Have you met Ryan Mcdermott?

DATE. 2019-04-03

Have you met Ryan Mcdermott?

Ryan McDermott is Mambo’s newest addition to the resident roster. Now moving into his third year at the island’s favourite sunset spot, we sat down with him to talk favourite moments, what it’s like being part of the team , and his predictions for summer 2019. What’s been your most memorable Mambo year to date? My first two seasons were full of amazing memories but I’m finding out that each season just gets better and better! So for me, 2018 was the most memorable because I was regularly playing alongside some of the biggest DJs in the world. The opening and closing parties of Mambo last year were also special — when Mambo opens its doors you know summer has officially started! What are your predictions for Mambo and the island in 2019? There seems to be some big changes happening in Ibiza this year with nights moving to different clubs, some DJs returning to Ibiza after a while and some not coming back at all. As with any kind of change there will be good and bad points but the island is constantly changing and evolving — as it always has done and always will do! The appeal of Ibiza works for absolutely everybody — the nightlife is unlike anywhere else in the world. As for Mambo, I believe this is going to be its most successful year yet. It’s the 25th anniversary this year so I’m honoured to be playing a small role in a massive part of its history, and with new pre-parties this year being announced I believe it’s only going to get bigger and better for everyone involved. I’m sure there will be some special surprises in store along the way.

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over 50 dating What’s your prediction for tune of the summer? 

de cette source I believe it’s going to be a song which was released in November 2018 actually and that is Purple Disco Machine’s remix of Fatboy Slim’s absolute anthem ‘Praise You’. 

Cliquez sur ce lien Purple Disco Machine has had quite a successful run recently, and just before summer started last year he released a song called ‘Dished’, which over the course of summer just seemed to grow and grow. I think it’s going to be the same again this year as I am hearing this song (rightfully so) everywhere! And no doubt you will hear it a lot at Cafe Mambo, especially with the inclusion of the new Glitterbox pre-party every Sunday! It’s a perfect song for that night. 

Mambo is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, what’s the key to its longevity? 

Far too many good things to mention. But it’s the world class service, the food, the amazing DJs, and of course, that sunset view, which seems to get better every single night. For me it sums up Ibiza — no wonder it still attracts thousands of people every single night! Everyone feels at home at Mambo — it would be impossible not to want to come back. 


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Who would you love to play alongside — past or present? 

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I have already had that dream come true, because longtime resident Jason Bye is my favourite DJ and someone I look up to very much. I consider myself lucky to play alongside him and learn from him along the way. We haven’t played back to back yet though but that is something I would love to do sometime!

What does the perfect Ibiza moment look like to you?

For me, it’s got to be the sunset. I always find the hour leading up to sunset to be the best time of day in Ibiza. It’s that feeling of everyone gathering together — there’s a certain magic in the air, like this night could now lead anywhere! 


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