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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Fremont California, Buy Viagra amex in Pasadena Texas

DATE. 2019-02-01

La Torre Winter Workshops

At this time of year the days seem long and the nights even longer - little wonder that we look towards the sun-kissed months of summer with weary hearts and a wistful gaze. Winter may seem to stretch on forever, but now is the time for rest, recovery and wholesome activities - pastimes that feed the heart, soul and mind in preparation for a season that flies by with little time for self care. That's why at Mambo's sister venue, La Torre, we're putting on a series of workshops over the coming weeks that will help deliver a fresh perspective and new set of skills.

   MG 0148

Set in a jaw-dropping clifftop location just north of San Antonio, La Torre is home to quintessential Balearic vibes. By day, it’s unbeatable for a lunch with spectacular sea views, by night it’s the perfect spot for cocktails by the coast, and of course it really comes alive at sunset when the sky swirls through every shade of the rainbow.

  MG 0178

All throughout February, La Torre is hosting a selection of wide-ranging workshops so you can learn and be amazed in the most stunning of surroundings. Kicking off on Saturday 2 February at 10am is Capitán Emo who’s leading a two-hour session about the hypopressive method — abdominal exercises designed to help postpartum mums regain their core strength through a combination of breathing, abdominal and posture techniques.


 MG 7903

The following Saturday, 9 February, is dedicated to the sensual art of Tango — specifically how to both lead and follow. Absolutely no experience for this is required so beginners are welcome, just bring an easiness in the hips and a keenness to learn. From 6-9pm.


Saturday 16 February promises to deliver a fascinating insight and discussion into the baby-led weaning method with wholesome, delicious foods. This manner of eating allows babies to explore food for themselves, introducing them to textures and tastes at an early age and removing a lot of the worry out of starting your child on solids. This workshop will offer suggestions of how to get going while discussing the benefits of employing it yourselves. From 5pm.


Finally, Saturday 23 February will bid farewell to the day with a stunning sunset meditation workshop led by Anurag Vasallo of Asthanga Yoga Ibiza. Using the Osho Kundalini method, you'll run through four stages of meditation involving movement, dance, and total stillness, releasing energy that's built throughout the day before settling into silence. Set aside an hour of your day from 6pm and you'll leave feeling calmer and more restful than ever.


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C/ de Vara de Rey 3 07820 Sant Antoni, Ibiza

+34 971 34 66 38