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Related Site Eating an entire packet of hob nobs in front of Netflix, checking the weather app to see if and when it will ever get sunny again, worrying about global warming, planning what to wear at the weekend, Googling to find out if fish sleep - historically, these are the things Tuesday nights are famous for. But that’s in normal life, not in Ibiza - the white isle isn’t like other places. In fact, Ibiza is its own tiny, beating microcosm where real life doesn’t exist and the boring, mundane nonsense that we normally worry about from day to day disappears into the ether like your wages on pay day. And even then, if you’re in Ibiza and you’ve got no money left, you wear it like a badge of honour. Why? ‘Because my friend, it means I have lived’, you say while giving your chest a little thump to exaggerate your primal prowess.

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Anyway, Tuesday nights in Ibiza are different. For a start, you can pretty much guarantee it will be sunny, which means there will definitely be a sunset (science), you can bet good, solid cash that everyone will be up for a party because in Ibiza you party every day of the week (heaven), and without fail, you can count on Mambo to be throwing the most epic pre-party on the island, featuring some of the world’s biggest and most in demand DJs (YES). All this is for the taking, unless you fancy staying in to watch reruns of Friends on repeat. No? Didn’t think so.

So, at Mambo Tuesday nights are all about the mighty Eric Prydz and his cohort of talented wingmen, who take turns to head to San Antonio to deliver a euphoric dose of aural pleasure before hotfooting it to Playa d’en Bossa to continue the night at HÏ Ibiza. Prydz himself needs no introduction - he’s one of the world’s greatest producers, master of the soaring synth, wizard behind the decks - you should consider yourself lucky to ever see him play, let alone at Mambo, for free, just after the sun has bid farewell. Some week you can catch him, or otherwise the likes of British duo Camelphat and Newcastle lad Christoph, who’ve been holding it down with him in HÏ Ibiza’s Theatre throughout the duration of summer, and who also deliver the kind of mind-bending sets that ensure you’re primed and ready for the night that lies ahead.

So put down your biscuits, bin off your laptop, and grab your mates, because Tuesday nights are all about getting merry at Mambo. There’ll be sunset magic, there’ll be cocktails, there’ll be famous DJs and there’ll be a multitude of new memories just waiting to be made. Grab life by the horns and let’s go for it.

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