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DATE. 2018-07-09

Eric Prydz returns!


You know how it is - you’re finally in Ibiza after weeks, if not months, of prep. You’ve been to the gym (every day, mate), you’ve been to the salon (looking fllllyyy), you’ve chucked together a smug but succinct automatic message for your out of office. And now you’re practically skipping out of work, trying really hard to hold back from singing, because you’re off to Ibiza, and part of the fun comes in rubbing your colleagues’ faces in it. The great thing is that because you’ve done your research, you’ve got a pretty firm itinerary and that means you know exactly what club nights to cake yourself in and what ones to avoid like the plague. But sometimes - if you’re lucky - a curveball gets thrown in and it’s one that’s simply too good to ignore.

 MG 6182

This month we kick off with Solardo on Tuesday 10 July. Then one supremely talented Swede, Eric Prydz will be playing for select dates through the summer. Easily one of the most brilliant producers of our lifetime, and without doubt someone you absolutely can’t miss if you’re heading to Ibiza, Prydz is a one of a kind spinner who’s got euphoria running through his veins. In fact, if he was cut in half and scientifically studied, we’d probably discover that Prydz’s heart beats to the tune of ‘Pjano’, and wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing. By the by, do you know what goes hand in hand with a set woven together by a magician and non-stop euphoric tunes? A sunset, that’s what. And nowhere does sunset better than Café Mambo, as you lot already know.


 MG 2683

What we’re saying is, if it’s not in your schedule already, you need to whack a  Tuesday at Mambo in sharpish, because only a madman would miss an opportunity to see Eric Prydz in the open-air, cocktail in hand, accompanied by the sight of a psychedelic sky. Imagine the Mambo vibes on a night like this! It’s the kind of stuff holiday dreams are made of, it’s the kind of memory that pulls you through the inevitability of post Ibiza blues. Sometimes the well laid plans are the best ones, but other times you need to go with the flow and see what the universe delivers. Turn up for Prydz’s official HÏ Ibiza pre-party and we promise this don of the booth won’t disappoint.




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