Meet The Residents | Ryan McDermott

DATE. 2018-04-05

Meet The Residents | Ryan McDermott
compare bupropion price Meet The Residents | Ryan McDermott

In the lead up to our opening on May 11th, welcome to our 'Meet The Residents' segment where we get to know the unfiltered scoop from the core members of our team. Wondering how they got to work with Mambo? What is it like to work in Ibiza? Tips on how to get yourself a job here? We have a real insight into the island and the people who keep the cogs running, look no further. The perfect way  for your family to meet ours.  

First up meet Ryan McDermott, the new addition to our team of resident DJs. Join us for a look to your road to Mambo over the last few years, what you think is going to be the big Ibiza this year, your favorite part of the Island and more ...

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accutane price 1. Favorite part of the island & why?

My favorite place to visit at the moment is Ibiza old town so i can not get enough of exploring the castle etc, i love the rich history of the island and i enjoy exploring the side streets all the way up to the top of the castle to see the amazing view. I also love to try the different restaurants and bars around the area, like most cases in Ibiza it is a completely different place at night!

Another place i recommend is Cala d'hort especially at sunset time, where you can gaze out over Es Vedra, its absolutely stunning!

 2018 will be my 3rd season so i look forward to finding out a lot more secret beaches and hidden gems!

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hire 2. How do you spend a day off in Ibiza?

As summer is very busy these are very limited! Most of the time i like to catch up with friend's, and as stated in the previous question hunt for those hidden gems as i explore the island.

However most importantly i like to search for new music, as to play at mambo you need a lot of different styles to cover the range of time you would play. 

I don't think it will be a shock for anyone to read that it is a dream come true. In my first season i was very lucky to be able to play 3 times, so to become a resident in my second is amazing! 

I would always pinch myself walking down toward the bar where i would see the bright blue sea and the red sun glowing down at me preparing for another magic night ahead, it is a pleasure to come to work. 

convince nitroglycerin ointment buy online 4. What has been your best DJ shift / memory at Mambo and why?

I could never say i have one particular favourite as every shift i have done has been special in it's own right. However two that stand out for me personally would have to be when my good friend Doorly came to play a few times as a guest DJ last season where i was resident for the night, he invited me down on his own nights on my first season so to set the sun down and hand over to him was really special. 

Over the year's of dreaming of playing at Cafe Mambo i have always looked up to the island resident's and listened to them for inspiration. None more so than Mambo's own Jason Bye, the original resident, i would listen to his set's while at work, in the car or at home. Which in turn i believe helped me understand the sound mambo requires to a degree. At the end of last season we had a resident's only night where it was myself and Jason playing all night, that was a real moment for me. (I still have the poster from this night!)

DSC 9765 5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in Ibiza?

All varied on the job they would like to do; but amongst anything that may happen if you are fortunate over to be in ibiza, ENJOY every moment. 

I would say get over early to sort accommodation if this isn't sorted before hand and get out to the open days etc to start making connections with the right people. Be ready and prepared to work, it can be quite easy to get caught up in the party side of the island. 

Make sure you have you NIE sorted and enough money to survive for at least a month or so just incase. Even if that does mean the bare minimum.  

If work would be the DJ side of things, then come with a goal and don't give up on what you have set out to achieve. There are a thousand people all in the same boat, so remember to always support those you meet along the way.

No matter where it is you may get an opportunity to play, or how many people you may play to, always give 100% because as is the case on this island you never know who is listening at any given moment. 

Make sure you listen and collect a lot of different styles of music as opportunity's may arise that may require a different type of sound depending on the venue / time of day. 

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Related Site 6. Your favorite dish / drink on the Mambo menu

I can't help but go for the taco's being either the chicken or the pulled pork, however the fillet steak is also a delight!

I'm currently on a mission to work through the full menu. 

Drink wise on those hot summer days a couple of Mambo strawberry daiquiri's always go down a treat. But from the many amazing cocktail's i would recommend the 'it's all gone 808', also the occasional Mambo Hierbas shot which you may see us all drinking from time to time......

I had so many to choose from but one that came instantly to mind was at Pikes Hotel, where I was also a resident for the Doorly & Friends parties, Doorly had arranged for Fatboy Slim tribute act to come and play. When the act took to the decks playing Fatboy Slim track the reaction and confusion from the crowd was hilarious to watch as they could not work it out if it was the real deal or not!

que dire sur site de rencontre  8. What is your track to watch out for this summer?

A track i believe to look out for this summer is by Sophie Lloyd feat Dames Brown on Classic Music Company. It is just a joyous, feel good summer sounding track. Gospel vocals accompanied by a piano uplifting is my kind of house. This will no doubt go off at the Glitterbox parties and more this year!


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