Mambo Vibes On Tour rencontres DATE. 2018-03-30

Mambo Vibes On Tour

2e rencontre internationale de land art finalize premarin uk Mambo Vibes On Tour When the Ibiza season ends it’s bit like a super massive black hole suddenly appears on the horizon, one with a gravitational pull a hundred times the size of Nicki Minaj’s ass. An inescapable void materialises, and henceforth you must live with the crippling fear of being sucked in by it forever, doomed to never re-emerge, much like your soul when watching an episode of Love Island

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Winter becomes about survival – you do whatever it takes to get through, mindlessly counting the days like a drugged up drone until one day, spring emerges, and with it, some hope. Because with the first signs of a new season we can shed our stoic bluffing (and hopefully half our body weight by summer), and start looking towards a future that includes tanned skin, daily sunsets and hierbas after every meal. Because Ibiza.

And we’re almost there guys; you just need to hold on a little longer. And in the meantime, we’re taking the Mambo vibes on tour and throwing some solid Ibiza sessions over in the UK for you to really sink your teeth into. Have a read and let these whet your White Isle appetite.

buy lumigan uk Sunday 1 April – Fubar, Stirling

 DSC 8157

Hosted by none other than Mambo Brothers, of course. The boys are heading back to their Scottish hometown alongside Mambo resident Danny O and a selection of cuts that’ll leave you dribbling in anticipation of summer 2018. Saddle up and dive in, you should see this as the official warm up for what’s to come.

cultivate Sunday 1 April – Grand Elektra, Hastings

If you know anything about Ibiza then you’ll know that Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago (dream couple) are its undeniable darlings. Lovely Laura makes you weep with her sultry sax skills and then Ben sweeps in and mops your tears with a set too cheery to cry over. This is their first Mambo gig outside Ibiza, and they’ll have support from resident spinner Ridney. So that’s easter sorted.

maintain Saturday 14 April – Soundwaves Presents, Snowdonia

 Ridney 03

It’s never too early to start preparing for festival season and this event will give you a head start over your less in-the-know mates. For this we’ve joined forces with famed Manchester clubbing brand, Kaluki, forging a dynamic duo for Soundwaves Presents in Snowdonia, North Wales. Bringing the guaranteed Mambo good times will be Danny O and Ridney, and there’ll also be sets from Lee Foss and Yousef. Surf’s up!


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