Meet The Residents | Danny O

DATE. 2018-03-23

Meet The Residents | Danny O

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In the lead up to our opening on May 11th, welcome to our 'Meet The Residents' segment where we get to know the unfiltered scoop from the core members of our team. Wondering how they got to work with Mambo? What is it like to work in Ibiza? If you are looking for a real insight into the island and the people who keep the cogs running, look no further. The perfect way for your family to meet ours.  

First up meet Danny O, our long-standing resident DJ. Join us for a look into his journey to the island, and how he has carved his way through the islands rich music scene to secure his position in our DJ booth...

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motilium uk manage 1. Favorite part of the island & why?

Many parts and for different reasons. It is Portitxol in the North West for walking and swimming. Ses Margalides for kayaking. Some of the great beaches of the North West like Cala Sant Vincent and Aguas Blancas further north for late summer chilling. San Antonio and Ibiza town for numerous cafes, excellent traditional restaurants and cool bars. 2. How do you spend a day off in Ibiza?

Days off a few in the summer and more frequent in the winter. I enjoy doing loads of different things during winter and have more time for the office, music studio and also training. Seeing new places and trying new restaurants would be my favorite thing as I see less of the island than I would like during summer. Walking with my friends and taking visiting family to nice beaches. Training muay thai, running and gym is something I do almost every day but it's easier on a free day!

bargain nootropil costo 3. What is it like working at Mambo?

My connection with Mambo is way, way deeper than work. I've made many sacrifices that most people would not be prepared to make in Ibiza. I came to the island 12 summers ago with a clear vision and have completed a full decade of summer seasons. It took a few years of hustle and considerable refinement of my craft but I got there and I've played thousands of sets with most of the worlds top DJs.

I also run Mambo Radio which is a new project. The 24 hour lineup is outstanding - please tune in and enjoy!

gather orlistat price in india 4. What has been your best DJ shift / memory at Mambo and why?

It could be dropping the perfectly timed sunset tune before playing with Eric Prydz or spinning with a musical staff hero in Little Louie Vega but I honestly enjoy the sessions when I'm left to control the vibe all night long, from before sunset to close, just me and my music collection.

 MG 2683 5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in Ibiza?

It depends on the role and how long they are planning to stay. I'll tailor this advice to DJ's looking for work although some of it is in general.

Arrive early in the spring to search for accommodation and have enough money saved to survive without work for a while and also to pay a large deposit and probably the first two months of rent. Get to know people, and the island, quickly if you do not already. This is essential for work and accommodation. Also arrange your NIE which is a mandatory work document.

I'd suggest being diverse in the music you play if you're looking for a DJ residency. Most DJs know little or nothing about chillout, sunset sounds and the balearic vibe when they arrive in Ibiza - I know I did not!

Do not play for free - it damages the economy for all artists. The exception would be a trial where a potential employer is expressing genuine interest in your repertoire.

Hustle and be patient. Do your best and play what you feel is right for you and the venue if you get a chance. If things did not work out, it was not meant to be. Do not hate on the DJ game or the island. Try again next summer or move on!

Related Site 6. Your favorite dish / drink on the Mambo menu

My good friends in the kitchen Rupi and Uden make me superb burritos while I'm playing but I do not know if it's on the menu! I'll have a Diplomatico Cuba Libre and a shot of Tequila Azul with that! Health!

site de rencontre amoureuse gratuit pour ado 7. Funniest Ibiza memory? 

The exotic dancing of my brother Matteo the Mambo manager in the local Spanish bars after a few drinks.

que dire sur site de rencontre 8. Track to watch out for this summer rencontres AtalaiA - Contrition (Unreleased)


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