Mambo Ibiza Bucket List, Part 2

DATE. 2018-03-23

Mambo Ibiza Bucket List, Part 2

Your Mambo Ibiza bucket list, part 2


Hands up those of you who are not only counting the months, weeks, days left until the start of Ibiza 2018, but also the seconds, the milliseconds, and whatever comes after that. Admit it, the only thing you think about is Ibiza 2018 - you no longer think about food, alcohol or sex even, in fact were not you supposed to meet your other half for some dinner and a little loving tonight? Quien eres? Who actually cares? Because unless they're multi-colored like the sky at dusk, their head is shiny and round like the sun and they sashay like the sound of the waves when they walk you're not interested, right? * Yeah, well we feel the same That's why we've started compiling a list of things that we can not wait to do once it's finally, FINALLY, summer again.Have a read of this - part two of our guide - and feel inspired, friends.


6. Wake up with a hangover so bad that the only way to cure it is to trip to Bondi in San Antonio. Now listen, of course we advocate responsible drinking, but it's also an Ibiza rite of passage to come round after a night out feeling as battered and bruised as Kylie Jenner's lips. So go for it, and then the next day to Bondi, where the fresh, healthy food and delicious cold-pressed juices will breathe life back into your pathetic, withered body.

 MG 1739




7. This one might help with the point above actually. Sample a taste of Ibiza in glass with Mambo Hierbas! This little aperitif is famous on the White Isle – it’s made of loads of local herbs and as a warning: it’s deliciously addictive, that’s why you’ll see every DJ who’s ever played at Mambo downing it in the booth. Have it as a shot, in a cocktail or with ice. Summer in a glass.



8. Make amends for all of your terrible behaviour as a result of points 6 and 7 with a civilised dinner at Villa Mercedes. Because yes, not everything has to end in carnage, and to really experience local life and the mellow buzz of San Antonio harbour, this is the place to be. Take a date, eat incredible food, hell, maybe even have a conversation. This is the place to up your game.




9. No trip to Ibiza is complete (and this should really go without saying), until you've spent all night dancing at a club. Head to HÏ, the island's newest high-tech superclub and be blown away the production, world class DJs and inimitable feeling you get from shaking your bits till dawn. Then piled out and watch the sunrise on Playa d'en Bossa beach, while basking in the simple beauty of life.

DSC 8157


10. Get off the beaten track, because as much as we want to experience Ibiza's most famous venues and parties, we also want to explore everything this beautiful island we call home has to offer. Our very own Mambo Brothers will be advising on their top secret favorite spots are soon, so keep your eyes peeled.



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