Eric Prydz returns!

DATE. 2018-07-09


You know how it is - you’re finally in Ibiza after weeks, if not months, of prep. You’ve been to the gym (every day, mate), you’ve been to the salon (looking fllllyyy), you’ve chucked together a smug but succinct automatic message for your out of office. And now you’re practically skipping out of work, trying really hard to hold back from singing, because you’re off to Ibiza, and part of the fun comes in rubbing your colleagues’ faces in it. The great thing is that because you’ve done your research, you’ve got a pretty firm itinerary and that means you know exactly what club nights to cake yourself in and what ones to avoid like the plague. But sometimes - if you’re lucky - a curveball gets thrown in and it’s one that’s simply too good to ignore.

 MG 6182

This month we kick off with Solardo on Tuesday 10 July. Then one supremely talented Swede, Eric Prydz will be playing for select dates through the summer. Easily one of the most brilliant producers of our lifetime, and without doubt someone you absolutely can’t miss if you’re heading to Ibiza, Prydz is a one of a kind spinner who’s got euphoria running through his veins. In fact, if he was cut in half and scientifically studied, we’d probably discover that Prydz’s heart beats to the tune of ‘Pjano’, and wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing. By the by, do you know what goes hand in hand with a set woven together by a magician and non-stop euphoric tunes? A sunset, that’s what. And nowhere does sunset better than Café Mambo, as you lot already know.


 MG 2683

What we’re saying is, if it’s not in your schedule already, you need to whack a  Tuesday at Mambo in sharpish, because only a madman would miss an opportunity to see Eric Prydz in the open-air, cocktail in hand, accompanied by the sight of a psychedelic sky. Imagine the Mambo vibes on a night like this! It’s the kind of stuff holiday dreams are made of, it’s the kind of memory that pulls you through the inevitability of post Ibiza blues. Sometimes the well laid plans are the best ones, but other times you need to go with the flow and see what the universe delivers. Turn up for Prydz’s official HÏ Ibiza pre-party and we promise this don of the booth won’t disappoint.



Mambo 2018 Is In Full Swing!

DATE. 2018-06-18

Summer Is In Full Swing!

So listen guys, good news. You don’t have to miserably count down the seconds anymore because SUMMER IS HERE and that means there’s no more justification for crying yourself to sleep. At least not on our account, it’s your business if you’re feeling tearful come midnight. But we digress, last week we officially welcomed the season with the long-awaited Café Mambo opening party (headlined by Claptone and our superstar residents, no less) and it was a bona fide blinder. And then this past Sunday, we had one helluva night courtesy of Sam Divine and boss man Simon Dunmore, who officially cut the ribbon on the first of many Defected at Eden pre-parties. Holler!

DSC 1992

What this means is that the funtimes are coming thick and fast and if you don’t jump aboard the merriment train now you’re perilously close to missing out. Don’t be that guy, because you’re not only letting yourself down, you’re letting us down.

Anyway, the pre-parties continue apace this week. In fact, we’ve got a whole spate of diamond talent to keep you ticking over for the next few days. Here’s a little rundown of what you can expect.

Thursdays at Pacha


Still the biggest party on Ibiza, and still drawing crowds like Kim Kong-Un at a basketball game, David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous will seemingly never grow old. The Frenchman’s appeal is as long-lasting as blue cheese and that’s great news for us because it means we get to host the official pre-party every Thursday. Here to blow the top on summer 2018, we’ll have Robin Schulz, Kungs, Hugel, and a whole heap of other Mambo magic. Grab your dancing shoes and join us, this one’s bound to have sunset strip on lockdown.

Fridays at Pacha

DSC 3219

Labyrinth had an absolutely blinding first season at Pacha last summer and this year it’s back with a bang, not to mention a brand new dance floor and bucketfuls of talented DJs to join Hot Since 82 on the decks. This Friday 24 May, we’ll have the man himself warming us up for the pre-party, launching us into the weekend like a good fella should.

Saturdays at Pacha

DSC 3527

Saturdays at Mambo belong to Bob Sinclar, the man who’s smoother than chocolate spread. Why? Because he’s got more schmooze in his little finger than George Clooney, and that’s no mean feat. This summer, the he’s back with his Paris By Night pre-party at Mambo, where he’ll swoosh his hair and spin banging tunes simultaneously. What a guy. Joining him is Erik Hagleton and a crew of other talent, so set aside your sequins and get involved.

And that’s not all, folks. Because in the coming weeks we’ve got even more massive pre-parties to announce. Keep your eyes peeled, you’re in for a treat. Your soundtrack to summer starts here.

Sa Clau Hotel is Opening!

DATE. 2018-05-01

Sa Clau by Mambo is Opening!

Sa Clau by Mambo is our brand new small hotel, located in the center of San Antonio. A quiet hotel, ideal to discover the island of Ibiza.

  MG 0639 2

Its 29 comfortable rooms, recently renovated, are fully equipped to make your stay unique. Decorated with an elegant style in natural tones. From most, you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea, the port and the promenade of San Antonio fountains.

Excellent location just 400m from the nearest beach. 700m from the Sunset Strip where you can enjoy magical sunsets and lively afternoons. Sa Clau is right in front of the taxi rank and only 5 minutes walk from the bus station. And a couple of minutes walk from the commercial area of ??San Antonio.

 MG 0766

With a personalized service imbued with quality and essence by Mambo . Our team will take care of giving you all the facilities to make your stay easier.

Our Bondi coffee will take care of the batteries with a variety of breakfasts, natural juices with surprising flavors , homemade smoothies, traditional and healthy toast, whimsical coffees with a thousand flavors and options for the most complete brunches at midday.

In the evening you can enjoy creative cocktails and a menu with home-baked pizzas and an exclusive Josper grill among other delicious dishes.Standard Double Room

Double or single bed, complete bathroom with shower and hairdryer, satellite TV, air conditioning, safe, free wifi and balcony with or without sea views.

 MG 0688

Tempted? Reserve your room  here.

Meet The Residents | Ryan McDermott

DATE. 2018-04-05

Meet The Residents | Ryan McDermott

In the lead up to our opening on May 11th, welcome to our 'Meet The Residents' segment where we get to know the unfiltered scoop from the core members of our team. Wondering how they got to work with Mambo? What is it like to work in Ibiza? Tips on how to get yourself a job here? We have a real insight into the island and the people who keep the cogs running, look no further. The perfect way  for your family to meet ours.  

First up meet Ryan McDermott, the new addition to our team of resident DJs. Join us for a look to your road to Mambo over the last few years, what you think is going to be the big Ibiza this year, your favorite part of the Island and more ...

DSC 5366
1. Favorite part of the island & why?

My favorite place to visit at the moment is Ibiza old town so i can not get enough of exploring the castle etc, i love the rich history of the island and i enjoy exploring the side streets all the way up to the top of the castle to see the amazing view. I also love to try the different restaurants and bars around the area, like most cases in Ibiza it is a completely different place at night!

Another place i recommend is Cala d'hort especially at sunset time, where you can gaze out over Es Vedra, its absolutely stunning!

 2018 will be my 3rd season so i look forward to finding out a lot more secret beaches and hidden gems!

  MG 1039
2. How do you spend a day off in Ibiza?

As summer is very busy these are very limited! Most of the time i like to catch up with friend's, and as stated in the previous question hunt for those hidden gems as i explore the island.

However most importantly i like to search for new music, as to play at mambo you need a lot of different styles to cover the range of time you would play. 

3. What is it like working at Mambo?

I don't think it will be a shock for anyone to read that it is a dream come true. In my first season i was very lucky to be able to play 3 times, so to become a resident in my second is amazing! 

I would always pinch myself walking down toward the bar where i would see the bright blue sea and the red sun glowing down at me preparing for another magic night ahead, it is a pleasure to come to work. 

4. What has been your best DJ shift / memory at Mambo and why?

I could never say i have one particular favourite as every shift i have done has been special in it's own right. However two that stand out for me personally would have to be when my good friend Doorly came to play a few times as a guest DJ last season where i was resident for the night, he invited me down on his own nights on my first season so to set the sun down and hand over to him was really special. 

Over the year's of dreaming of playing at Cafe Mambo i have always looked up to the island resident's and listened to them for inspiration. None more so than Mambo's own Jason Bye, the original resident, i would listen to his set's while at work, in the car or at home. Which in turn i believe helped me understand the sound mambo requires to a degree. At the end of last season we had a resident's only night where it was myself and Jason playing all night, that was a real moment for me. (I still have the poster from this night!)

DSC 9765
5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in Ibiza?

All varied on the job they would like to do; but amongst anything that may happen if you are fortunate over to be in ibiza, ENJOY every moment. 

I would say get over early to sort accommodation if this isn't sorted before hand and get out to the open days etc to start making connections with the right people. Be ready and prepared to work, it can be quite easy to get caught up in the party side of the island. 

Make sure you have you NIE sorted and enough money to survive for at least a month or so just incase. Even if that does mean the bare minimum.  

If work would be the DJ side of things, then come with a goal and don't give up on what you have set out to achieve. There are a thousand people all in the same boat, so remember to always support those you meet along the way.

No matter where it is you may get an opportunity to play, or how many people you may play to, always give 100% because as is the case on this island you never know who is listening at any given moment. 

Make sure you listen and collect a lot of different styles of music as opportunity's may arise that may require a different type of sound depending on the venue / time of day. 

DSC 9776
6. Your favorite dish / drink on the Mambo menu

I can't help but go for the taco's being either the chicken or the pulled pork, however the fillet steak is also a delight!

I'm currently on a mission to work through the full menu. 

Drink wise on those hot summer days a couple of Mambo strawberry daiquiri's always go down a treat. But from the many amazing cocktail's i would recommend the 'it's all gone 808', also the occasional Mambo Hierbas shot which you may see us all drinking from time to time......

7. Funniest Ibiza memory?

I had so many to choose from but one that came instantly to mind was at Pikes Hotel, where I was also a resident for the Doorly & Friends parties, Doorly had arranged for Fatboy Slim tribute act to come and play. When the act took to the decks playing Fatboy Slim track the reaction and confusion from the crowd was hilarious to watch as they could not work it out if it was the real deal or not!

 8. What is your track to watch out for this summer?

A track i believe to look out for this summer is by Sophie Lloyd feat Dames Brown on Classic Music Company. It is just a joyous, feel good summer sounding track. Gospel vocals accompanied by a piano uplifting is my kind of house. This will no doubt go off at the Glitterbox parties and more this year!

Mambo Vibes On Tour

DATE. 2018-03-30

Mambo Vibes On Tour

When the Ibiza season ends it’s bit like a super massive black hole suddenly appears on the horizon, one with a gravitational pull a hundred times the size of Nicki Minaj’s ass. An inescapable void materialises, and henceforth you must live with the crippling fear of being sucked in by it forever, doomed to never re-emerge, much like your soul when watching an episode of Love Island


Winter becomes about survival – you do whatever it takes to get through, mindlessly counting the days like a drugged up drone until one day, spring emerges, and with it, some hope. Because with the first signs of a new season we can shed our stoic bluffing (and hopefully half our body weight by summer), and start looking towards a future that includes tanned skin, daily sunsets and hierbas after every meal. Because Ibiza.

And we’re almost there guys; you just need to hold on a little longer. And in the meantime, we’re taking the Mambo vibes on tour and throwing some solid Ibiza sessions over in the UK for you to really sink your teeth into. Have a read and let these whet your White Isle appetite.

Sunday 1 April – Fubar, Stirling

 DSC 8157

Hosted by none other than Mambo Brothers, of course. The boys are heading back to their Scottish hometown alongside Mambo resident Danny O and a selection of cuts that’ll leave you dribbling in anticipation of summer 2018. Saddle up and dive in, you should see this as the official warm up for what’s to come.

Sunday 1 April – Grand Elektra, Hastings

If you know anything about Ibiza then you’ll know that Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago (dream couple) are its undeniable darlings. Lovely Laura makes you weep with her sultry sax skills and then Ben sweeps in and mops your tears with a set too cheery to cry over. This is their first Mambo gig outside Ibiza, and they’ll have support from resident spinner Ridney. So that’s easter sorted.

Saturday 14 April – Soundwaves Presents, Snowdonia

 Ridney 03

It’s never too early to start preparing for festival season and this event will give you a head start over your less in-the-know mates. For this we’ve joined forces with famed Manchester clubbing brand, Kaluki, forging a dynamic duo for Soundwaves Presents in Snowdonia, North Wales. Bringing the guaranteed Mambo good times will be Danny O and Ridney, and there’ll also be sets from Lee Foss and Yousef. Surf’s up!

Mambo Guide to Making The Most Of Your Time In Ibiza.

DATE. 2018-03-29

Mambo Guide to Making The Most Of Your Time In Ibiza.

You spend what feels like a lifetime saving up to come to the White Isle. Every waking minute is spent in search of funds for your big trip - you'd sell both kidneys if it meant a few more days on Ibiza's hallowed turf, though admittedly that it would not work out in the long run.

But now you're on the cusp of summer 2018 and your piggy bank is bulging. It's bursting with pennies waiting to be spent on long, sunshiny days and never-ending, hedonistic nights. So much so that as soon as your plane touches down on Balearic soil all that money will probably disappear like dust. You'll be as overexcited as Mary Berry at a cake stall (slow down Mary!) And all that cash will burn a hole in your pocket faster than you can say 'two beers, please'. The dream will be over in a heartbeat and you'll spend the next seven days eating bread and garlic from Lidl.

For these reasons, we feel it's our duty to step in. Because here at Mambo, we're caring types, and we want you to have the best possible time on Ibiza. We want you to go home with stories and memories and your wallet in tact, so here's our guide on how to make the most of your time here. Take our advice, and do not mess it up. 

1. Plan ahead

Yes, we know, planning is for losers ... all the best things happen when you least expect them, the best nights are the unplanned ones, blah blah blah. But you will not be saying that when you've spunked your money on the first day, will you? Then you will be crying on the phone to your mum asking for a loan. So, the best thing you can do is work out your budget for the week, divide it by the number of days you're staying and then stick to it. There are a few exceptions to this, just do not eat in all guns blazing, champagne corks popping all over the shop, thinking you're Dan Bilzerian. Cos no one should model themselves on that guy. Also, work out what club nights you want to go to and buy in advance, you can save loads of money that way.

2. Transport  

Believe it or not, Ibiza is not only a collection of excellent bars and clubs. There are also beaches! And a Medieval town center! And markets! Hire some transport and get out exploring. That way you'll experience some of the cool stuff Ibiza has to offer, and you will not spend all your money on booze - two birds with one stone. You can also catch the disco bus from San An to all the big clubs, and that will save you a sizeable wedge in taxi fares.

 MG 2199

3. Try one day without a hangover

This is relatively self-explanatory, but if you can manage one day without a hangover you'll a. actually be able to enjoy yourself without drowning your sorrows in a pint glass, and b. bounce around the island feeling smug because everyone else feels rough and you do not. Start your day in the right way by heading to Bondi for a healthy breakfast, then go from there.

4. Activities

Because all the best holidays involve something you would not ordinarily do at home other than sunbathing at the beach. There are tons of activities you can do on the island - parasailing, cliff jumping, to a Sunset Boats sunset trip out at sea. Come and have a chat with us and we'll hook you up with a selection of the best ones.

 MG 0584


5. Head to Mambo

 MG 0773


Obviously As most of you already know, Mambo is a hub for so many Ibiza institutions. Sunset? Check Herbs? Check Great food? Check International DJs playing for free? Hubba hubba, yes please. Mambo is your one-stop-shop for all things Ibiza, and no trip to the island is complete without a trip to see us. If you're lucky, we might even wipe your tears as the sun goes down. Either that or point and laugh.

Meet The Residents | Danny O

DATE. 2018-03-23

Meet The Residents | Danny O


In the lead up to our opening on May 11th, welcome to our 'Meet The Residents' segment where we get to know the unfiltered scoop from the core members of our team. Wondering how they got to work with Mambo? What is it like to work in Ibiza? If you are looking for a real insight into the island and the people who keep the cogs running, look no further. The perfect way for your family to meet ours.  

First up meet Danny O, our long-standing resident DJ. Join us for a look into his journey to the island, and how he has carved his way through the islands rich music scene to secure his position in our DJ booth...

DSC 2091  

1. Favorite part of the island & why?

Many parts and for different reasons. It is Portitxol in the North West for walking and swimming. Ses Margalides for kayaking. Some of the great beaches of the North West like Cala Sant Vincent and Aguas Blancas further north for late summer chilling. San Antonio and Ibiza town for numerous cafes, excellent traditional restaurants and cool bars.

2. How do you spend a day off in Ibiza?

Days off a few in the summer and more frequent in the winter. I enjoy doing loads of different things during winter and have more time for the office, music studio and also training. Seeing new places and trying new restaurants would be my favorite thing as I see less of the island than I would like during summer. Walking with my friends and taking visiting family to nice beaches. Training muay thai, running and gym is something I do almost every day but it's easier on a free day!

3. What is it like working at Mambo?

My connection with Mambo is way, way deeper than work. I've made many sacrifices that most people would not be prepared to make in Ibiza. I came to the island 12 summers ago with a clear vision and have completed a full decade of summer seasons. It took a few years of hustle and considerable refinement of my craft but I got there and I've played thousands of sets with most of the worlds top DJs.

I also run Mambo Radio which is a new project. The 24 hour lineup is outstanding - please tune in and enjoy!

4. What has been your best DJ shift / memory at Mambo and why?

It could be dropping the perfectly timed sunset tune before playing with Eric Prydz or spinning with a musical staff hero in Little Louie Vega but I honestly enjoy the sessions when I'm left to control the vibe all night long, from before sunset to close, just me and my music collection.

 MG 2683


5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in Ibiza?

It depends on the role and how long they are planning to stay. I'll tailor this advice to DJ's looking for work although some of it is in general.

Arrive early in the spring to search for accommodation and have enough money saved to survive without work for a while and also to pay a large deposit and probably the first two months of rent. Get to know people, and the island, quickly if you do not already. This is essential for work and accommodation. Also arrange your NIE which is a mandatory work document.

I'd suggest being diverse in the music you play if you're looking for a DJ residency. Most DJs know little or nothing about chillout, sunset sounds and the balearic vibe when they arrive in Ibiza - I know I did not!

Do not play for free - it damages the economy for all artists. The exception would be a trial where a potential employer is expressing genuine interest in your repertoire.

Hustle and be patient. Do your best and play what you feel is right for you and the venue if you get a chance. If things did not work out, it was not meant to be. Do not hate on the DJ game or the island. Try again next summer or move on!

6. Your favorite dish / drink on the Mambo menu

My good friends in the kitchen Rupi and Uden make me superb burritos while I'm playing but I do not know if it's on the menu! I'll have a Diplomatico Cuba Libre and a shot of Tequila Azul with that! Health!

7. Funniest Ibiza memory? 

The exotic dancing of my brother Matteo the Mambo manager in the local Spanish bars after a few drinks.

8. Track to watch out for this summer 

AtalaiA - Contrition (Unreleased)

Mambo Ibiza Bucket List, Part 2

DATE. 2018-03-23

Your Mambo Ibiza bucket list, part 2


Hands up those of you who are not only counting the months, weeks, days left until the start of Ibiza 2018, but also the seconds, the milliseconds, and whatever comes after that. Admit it, the only thing you think about is Ibiza 2018 - you no longer think about food, alcohol or sex even, in fact were not you supposed to meet your other half for some dinner and a little loving tonight? Quien eres? Who actually cares? Because unless they're multi-colored like the sky at dusk, their head is shiny and round like the sun and they sashay like the sound of the waves when they walk you're not interested, right? * Yeah, well we feel the same That's why we've started compiling a list of things that we can not wait to do once it's finally, FINALLY, summer again.Have a read of this - part two of our guide - and feel inspired, friends.


6. Wake up with a hangover so bad that the only way to cure it is to trip to Bondi in San Antonio. Now listen, of course we advocate responsible drinking, but it's also an Ibiza rite of passage to come round after a night out feeling as battered and bruised as Kylie Jenner's lips. So go for it, and then the next day to Bondi, where the fresh, healthy food and delicious cold-pressed juices will breathe life back into your pathetic, withered body.

 MG 1739




7. This one might help with the point above actually. Sample a taste of Ibiza in glass with Mambo Hierbas! This little aperitif is famous on the White Isle – it’s made of loads of local herbs and as a warning: it’s deliciously addictive, that’s why you’ll see every DJ who’s ever played at Mambo downing it in the booth. Have it as a shot, in a cocktail or with ice. Summer in a glass.



8. Make amends for all of your terrible behaviour as a result of points 6 and 7 with a civilised dinner at Villa Mercedes. Because yes, not everything has to end in carnage, and to really experience local life and the mellow buzz of San Antonio harbour, this is the place to be. Take a date, eat incredible food, hell, maybe even have a conversation. This is the place to up your game.




9. No trip to Ibiza is complete (and this should really go without saying), until you've spent all night dancing at a club. Head to HÏ, the island's newest high-tech superclub and be blown away the production, world class DJs and inimitable feeling you get from shaking your bits till dawn. Then piled out and watch the sunrise on Playa d'en Bossa beach, while basking in the simple beauty of life.

DSC 8157


10. Get off the beaten track, because as much as we want to experience Ibiza's most famous venues and parties, we also want to explore everything this beautiful island we call home has to offer. Our very own Mambo Brothers will be advising on their top secret favorite spots are soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


Beat the Ibiza blues with Mambo Radio

DATE. 2018-03-16

Beat the Ibiza blues with Mambo Radio



Die-hard White Isle fans need no explanation for the definition of ‘Ibiza blues’, but for the virgins among you, let us take a moment to discuss. Essentially, the Ibiza blues is the soul-crushing sadness that descends once you’ve left the island. It’s the tear-inducing paralysis that has you starting moodily into the distance like you’re in a One Direction video; it’s the nauseating nostalgia that sets in once you’re home, leaving you sobbing on your mum’s shoulder like the time you couldn’t get down from the table because you wouldn’t eat all your vegetables – naughty boys and girls. But don’t worry, because in spite of all this, even the most seasoned Ibiza blues sufferers will tell you every second of the catastrophic comedown is worth it, if only for the exhilarating euphoria you experience when you’re out here. And what are the highs without the lows, eh team? It’s all about perspective.

And of course, it’s also about capturing the all-important memories you made when you were on Ibiza – those halcyon days when you were basking in the sun, sinking a daiquiri, and watching that giant orange orb melt into the sea outside Mambo. And this is where we’ve stepped in to do half the job for you, because this year, we’ve launched Mambo Radio, which not only promises to whisk you back to the shores of the White Isle within minutes, but also features some of the world’s biggest and most respected DJs.

Broadcasting 24-hours a day (we know the middle of the night is hardest) from the studio above Mambo in San Antonio, it features specially recorded shows as well as sets recorded straight from the Mambo booth. So you can listen to the likes of Sasha, Steve Lawler and Todd Terry wherever you are in the world, and come summer, tune in live to hear the sounds of sunset as they happen.


nicfanciulli 02

So, this is our gift to you during the winter months – a soundtrack that’ll buoy your heart, bring a smile to your face and conjure all the special moments you’re trying desperately not to forget. And during summer – once you’ve landed back in paradise – you can turn on the radio and voilà, Mambo Radio becomes your ready-to-roll Ibiza soundtrack. Don’t thanks us, just buy us a hierbas on the rocks.

Ways to listen; • • TuneIn : • Android app @ Google Play :

• 89.4FM in Ibiza

Listen again on Cafe Mambo’s Mixcloud and Soundcloud pages.

We Are Opening!

DATE. 2018-03-09


We Are Opening!



Friday 11th May 2018. The date for your diary. The start of the summer. The opening of our doors. 

The time has come, the start of summer 2018 is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited for another season to unfold. The island is beginning to warm up as we approach the spring, and the summer countdown is truly in full swing. We hope to welcome you to join us on the night for an extra special sunset and evening.  Capturing the true Balearic beauty together as we witness the sun melt blissfully into the horizon. The night transcends as the beats increase in tempo and the Hierbas begins to flow. The rest is to be seen...

Full DJ line-up TBA.


DSC 0663


Bookings : 

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C/ de Vara de Rey 3 07820 Sant Antoni, Ibiza

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