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  • Cafe Mambo History

    Location Found

    Against all odds Javier Anadon was adamant amongst his peers that the old villa sitting next to Cafe Del Mar would make a great cafe, bar, lounge and social hub. And he was right...

  • Cafe Mambo History

    First Logo

    Our first logo and signpost! Very retro!

  • Cafe Mambo History

    First Sunset

    Around 10,000 pictures of this sunset are taken every night throughout summer from Cafe Mambo and the surrounding area, but we still remember the first one like it was yesterday!

  • Cafe Mambo History

    Kiss FM come to Mambo

    The first ever live radio broadcast from Ibiza was back in 1994, when a team from London dance station KISS FM (headed by Tom Brown) shipped over a mobile studio with a maritime satellite system. The team utilized a new experimental technology called ‘MP3’ (yes, same as MP3 as we know it today) and 3 hours of live broadcast direct from Café mambo was put out to over 1 million people in the UK.

  • Cafe Mambo History

    Radio 1 Visits

    From 1995 through till now, Radio 1 has visited what we believe must be every year, and on most years even hosting the Radio 1 Weekend in Ibiza at Mambo.

  • Cafe Mambo History

    Frankie Knuckles loves Mambo

    The man many call the godfather of house, Legend Frankie Knuckles began DJing in NY in the early '70s while still a teenager, years before the disco boom which proved to be the first flowering of modern dance music. Now he's a Mambo Favourite, visiting often.

  • Cafe Mambo History

    Clockwork Orange Pre Parties

    The Clockwork Orange Pre Parties were the beginning of the line for the now famous Cafe Mambo pre parties! The whole concept has grown massively over the years and beat all expectations of success.

  • Cafe Mambo History

    MTV Festival with Erick Morillo

    Cafe Mambo played host to the massive MTV Ibiza concert in La Cantera, with a huge pre-party before the main event up in the hills. For one day in 1999 and two days in 2000 Erick Morillo and co interviewed many of the most famous DJs in the world at the time in front of the sunset.

  • Cafe Mambo History

    MTV Ibiza with Erick Morillo

    Here's Erick Morillo interviewing Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss of Faithless.

  • Cafe Mambo History

    MTV Hosted by Roger Sanchez

    The third (and final) MTV festival in Ibiza was hosted by Roger Sanchez with all the pre-parties at Cafe Mambo again. Some amazing times to remember.

  • Cafe Mambo History

    Jamie Cullum @ BBC Radio 1 Weekend

    The BBC Radio 1: Decade in Ibiza visits and Jamie Cullum blows everyone away at sunset with his versions of 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' and 'Where Love Lives'.

  • Cafe Mambo History

    More information to follow

    It's taking a while to go through all the old pictures and memories, but we will get there. In the mean time follow @mamboibiza and we'll let you know when we add new historic events to this section.


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